About Nutriquity

Mission and Values

Our mission is to help you improve your health naturally.  We do this by providing you dynamic nutrition plans that are rooted in evidence-based nutrition science and tailored to your specific needs, food preferences and health goals.  We don't believe in fad diets and over-priced supplements.  Our clients want food-based solutions that empower their lives and that's exactly what they get. 


We value our client's goals and best interests.

We value good health as the foundation of a good life. 


We value integrity, honesty, empathy and privacy.

Who Are Our Clients?


Our clients view health as a top priority. They know that their personal nutrition is the foundation for good health. They seek professional guidance, evidence-based solutions, inspiration and support as they begin their journey improve their health naturally and to improve their relationship with food. 

Our clients range from athletes to those who have lifelong struggles with losing weight. Some of our clients have issues like diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Some of our clients are in excellent health. The common factor our clients share is that they are goal-oriented and motivated to make changes to ensure a long, healthy life.

Why Nutriquity?

You get professional nutrition counseling from Michael Glab MS, RD, LDN who uses his combination of clinical, professional and academic experiences to provide the best client care possible.   He is passionate about helping you improve your health naturally through the power of nutrition!


Our nutrition counseling services may be covered by your health insurance at little-to-no cost to you.  We currently accept Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO and Bluechoice plans and Cigna. 

You get a nutrition plan that is 100% customized to your life and your goals. 

You will see and feel the RESULTS!

What is "Nutriquity"?

Nutrition (the act or process of nourishing) + Ubiquity (the state of being everywhere) = Nutriquity


Meet Michael Glab MS, RD, LDN - Registered Dietitian (RD) & Owner - Nutriquity, LLC

Welcome to Nutriquity! My name is Michael Glab and I am a RD located in Oak Park, Illinois. My nutrition philosophy is that healthy eating should be:

  • Easy

  • Delicious 

  • Affordable 

Nutrition profoundly affected my life before I ever thought of becoming a RD.  Throughout my youth and into to my early 20's I struggled with being overweight, dieting and the weight gain/weight loss roller coaster. I was always involved in sports or physically active, but I was unable to shed the extra body fat. I began experimenting with my diet and learned that my body was highly sensitive to the food I put into it. Added sugars, processed and fried foods are not my friends. A well rounded diet of real, nourishing foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, fish, eggs and dairy became (and are) daily fixtures in my diet. Consistent meal timing and food preparation keep me on track and the weight is off for good. The best part is that my current diet fuels my active lifestyle that includes running, swimming, biking and weightlifting. 

These personal experiences instilled in me a passion for nutrition that led me to make it a career. Towards the end of 2012, I decided to transition from a corporate career to a career in nutrition. After taking the required science courses at Triton College I was accepted to the Master's Program in Human Nutrition at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). During my 1200+ hours internship my dual focus was sports and clinical nutrition. I worked with collegiate athletes providing one-on-one nutrition counseling and group nutrition education for 2.5 years at UIC. I have Master's level training in sports nutrition and nutrition counseling. I interned at two acute care hospitals in Chicago, which provided me the foundation in clinical nutrition that led to 2.5 years of clinical nutrition experience at West Suburban Medical Center in Oak Park. 


Now I am in private practice and work at a local gym part-time. I stay up to date on current nutrition trends to help you cut through all the BS on the web and in the news. My goal is to help clients improve their health naturally and achieve lifelong results through the power of nutrition. 


Nutriquity, LLC

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​ Nutriquity is HIPAA compliant and all client information is CONFIDENTIAL

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