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True Freedom - A Nutrition Philosophy

Most of us are free to choose the foods we consume. Sometimes we are constrained by money, distance or availability, but for the most part we are free to eat as we choose. We have the freedom to buy and consume chips, candy, pop, burgers and fries. But just because we have this freedom, should we exercise it on a daily basis? Are we truly free if we are bogged down by the consequences of too much junk food? Obesity and type 2 diabetes are usually preventable with proper nutrition and physical activity.

Are we truly free if we have unwanted pounds of extra body fat that not only limit our physical capabilities, but may also negatively impact our mental health? Are we truly free if we don’t have the energy to do anything after 2 PM? Are we truly free if we believe that living a junk food life is cheaper and easier than living a whole food life?

The reason I raise all these questions is to help think about nutrition outside of the obvious. Proper nutrition is essential for long-term well being. Proper nutrition can help an overweight person lose weight and keep it off for good. Proper nutrition can propel an athlete through the dog days of the a grueling sports season.

Most importantly, proper nutrition fuels us to be energized all day. To experience what this feels like is truly empowering. Instead of being tired after school or work and then sitting in front of a screen for hours, now there's sustainable energy to achieve goals that may have been on the back burner for months or years! Proper nutrition likely means seeing the doctor less with little to no emergency hospitalizations related to preventable chronic diseases. Proper nutrition may mean elimination of certain medications because the body is now functioning normally.

Think about everything else you want to achieve in life. Good health provides the best opportunity to achieve these dreams. Nutrition is the best way to ensure good health! Nutrition provides the true freedom to achieve your life’s goals

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